Tele-Audiology Services in Richardson & Allen, TX

Technology has changed the way we communicate in everyday life. It has also changed the way we can communicate with you as our patients. While there are many diagnostic evaluations that require in-person appointments, there are more evaluations becoming available that can be done remotely by using Tele-Audiology technology.

At Gomer Hearing Center, we are proud to announce we now offer Tele-Audiology Services to new and existing patients. We can assist you through our secure and HIPAA compliant Tele-Audiology technology by using your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your own home.

By scheduling your Tele-Audiology Service, you will be able to talk directly to your provider to assess your audiology needs. If you have compatible hearing aids, we may be able to adjust your hearing aids, change settings, and help you diagnose any hearing aid issues to ensure you are able to get the maximum performance from your devices.

Step 1 – Schedule

Click here to call or text us so that a member of our team can schedule your Tele-Audiology appointment.

Step 2 – Instructions

You will receive email instructions that will confirm your scheduled appointment day and time, the link for your Tele-Audiology appointment, and how to test your speaker and camera prior to your appointment.

Step 3 – Appointment

At the confirmed time of your appointment, your audiologist will start the call for your face-to-face video appointment. If your hearing aids need to be adjusted, your audiologist will be able to assess if your hearing aids are compatible for remote programming.

Step 4 – Completion

You will receive recommendations and support about your hearing needs and how to proceed with your audiologist if additional help is necessary.