Rebecca has greatly improved my life!

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rebecca Gomer as an audiologist to assist with your hearing services. She has extended me excellent assistance with the process of being fitted with the proper hearing instruments to suit my lifestyle. Rebecca takes pride in delivering “customer satisfaction” hearing with leading edge products and services to her clients. She exhibits exceptional attention-to-detail and stands behind doing the right things, right. The hearing instruments outfitted by Rebecca has improved communications and interactions with family, friends and business associates and enhanced my overall hearing experience that has greatly improved my life.


I plan to use Beckie for all my hearing aid needs!

It has been a wonderful experience working with Rebecca Gomer (Audiologist), acquiring my 4th set of hearing aids. She helped me select the best hearing aids for my current hearing condition and was easy to work through the fine tuning cycle. My new aids have helped with friends and family communications. The Bluetooth feature is great for hearing cell phone calls and TV clearly, directly into my hearing aids. I plan to use Beckie for all my hearing aid needs now and in the future!