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    I have trouble understanding what people are saying.I often ask people to repeat themselves.I have trouble understanding conversations when there is background noise, for example, at a restaurant or in a busy workplace.I avoid social situations because I have trouble following the conversation.I turn up the TV and radio to levels that others tell me is loud.I often have ringing in my ears.I hear in one ear better than the other.I’ve been told that I have a hearing problem.

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    "I can now converse with my wife with no difficulty. The attention you gave to me in our first visit is well appreciated. I highly recommend Rebecca Gomer!"

    Herschell H., 
    Collinsville, TX Patient

    "I plan to use Gomer Hearing Center for all my hearing aid needs! She helped me select the best hearing aids for my current hearing condition. It has been a wonderful experience working with Rebecca Gomer, Au.D."

    Bob J., 
    Rowlett, TX Patient

    "The hearing instruments has enhanced my overall hearing experience and has greatly improved my life. Rebecca takes pride in delivering “customer satisfaction” hearing with leading edge products and services to her clients. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gomer Hearing Services to assist with your hearing services."

    David S.,
    Dallas, TX Patient